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I met Walter Greer of Marin Estate Liquidators several years ago when he was handling the estate sale of a neighbor that had passed away. He came to my door and introduced himself, and informed me about the estate sale and that there would be a lot of traffic for that up coming weekend.

I decided to check out the neighbor's estate sale on that weekend; Walter and his staff were very warm and welcoming. The soft music playing is a nice touch with the table's setup and all organized. Walter and I chatted a bit and I instantly liked him. After the neighbor's estate sale we said our goodbyes and I told him there would be a day I would call him for my parent's house.

Several years passed and that horrible day had finally come. I had to empty out my parent's house of 30 years. It was filled with their life long belongings. I immediately called him and within hours he came to view the house full of contents. It was quite a job, and he agreed to take it on.

He came in with his staff and got to work. I could not believe how fast they were. There were some items that had been in the family for years. I was going to sell them. He advised me not too, that they should be kept. I took his advice and now I am glad I did. That Friday morning I had to stop by the house before the sale started, there were people waiting out the house, even sleeping in their cars. I couldn't believe it!

The sale was a huge success. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the sale.

What could have turned into a very stressful situation had a happy ending, thanks to Walter of Marin Estate Liquidators.

Sincerely, Deborah J. Borruso

I have known Mr. Walter Greer for over a decade, and he is absolutely one of my favorite people. I have always known him to be an extremely fair, hardworking and caring person who is constantly striving to provide the public with the best liquidation sales in the Bay Area. I look forward to enjoying his sales and friendship for many years to come. There are none better than Walter and Marin Estate Liquidators.

Blair Buder

Dear Walter,

I always look forward to your estate sales. The merchandise is organized, well categorized, fairly priced and clearly marked in neat and clean displays. The staff is friendly, well informed and entirely aware of their customers' comings and goings.

Walter, you would be the first-and I would call if I were to hold an estate sale of my own. I believe you to be honest, efficient, and meticulous in your detail and record keeping. Your estate sales are a non-miss event for my friends and me. They are fun and full of value. We look for your advertisement of Marin Estate Liquidators every week on line or in the newspapers, and are always grateful for your "Estate Sale" directions and markings leading from main roads to the locations of your home shows.

Don't Stop!

Your 10 year loyal customer,

Aida Paulson

Marin Estate Liquidators is the BEST! The integrity and friendliness of Walter, et. al. is second to none.

The professsional manner in which the sales are held makes attending a joy. Notification, directions and description of items for sale make those of us who "follow" MELs (Marin Estate Liquidators) an enjoyable outing.

I would strongly recommend anyone interested in purchasing or selling eswtate items to visit a sale -- you will be hooked like the rest of us!

Sue Burnham San Rafael, CA

Hi Walter

Joyce and I are compelled to let you know how happy we are with your services and overall goodwill.

It is one thing to handle your business successfully, yet quite another to show consistent attention to detail and follow up. We gave you a key to the house, carte blanche and told you to have at it. You and John went beyond our agreed-upon scope of handling the recent estate sale in Larkspur and continue to be an asset in our rebuilding process.

The Estate Sale went off timely and like clockwork. We found everything displayed in logical and attractive fashion and marked separately for price. The approach for the three day pricing plan was perfect and the results were much better than we expected. The place was empty when you said it would be and cleaner than when you started... I suppose it helps that you have a crew that is second to none. Every one of them knows their stuff and are experts in multiple fields. Very cool.

We appreciate you sharing your cadre like Vinnie and Daniel, which is making our repair of issues at the house a lot easier. as you know, we live in Foster City, the house is in Larkspur and the commute is like an hour, so the good local talent pool is a boon.

Should you need references, we freely offer sharing our positive experience. We will certainly recommend you, however you may be getting calls for our side of Peninsula....

Kind regards.

Dave and Joyce

David L. Severini
International Activities Corporation
10 Rollins Rd/#104
Millbrae CA 94030

I've been going to estate sales for more than 35 years, and I honestly believe I've seen the best and worst of the companies that run these events. Happily, the best is right here in Marin County. Walter Greer's Marin Estate Liquidators handles everything with a kindness and professionalism that is completely unmatched. Rather than the "attitude" we estate sale afficionados sometimes receive from sales people who are haughty and unfriendly, Walter and his staff go out of their way to make sure questions are answered without trying to make anybody feel like an idiot, and peoples' desires are listened to and understood.

Walter has also associated himself with high quality sales that have allowed him to show just how much he knows about antiques. He never seems to overprice--rarely underprices either!--and he is knowledgeable about the items for sale. I know he has been extremely sensitive to the people who have hired him--he understands the difficulties families face when a family member dies, and is patient and understanding.

We are so lucky to have Marin Estate Liquidators to handle estate sales in this county. They are , quite simply, the best.

Sincerely, Susan Little

Every time an e-mail comes from Marin Estate Liquidators, I immediately get happier and look forward to going to the sale on the weekend. I am addicted to estate sales and garage sale shopping (satisfying my "hunting and gathering" urges). Walter Greer and his team always provide an enjoyable experience. It is amazing how he organizes the different parts and pieces of peoples' lives and presents the contents esthetically, harmoniously and accessibly. I know I am one of many who love Walter and his team, who appreciate his honesty and dependability. Whether you need to have an estate sale or you want to go to one, see Walter.

Natasha Heifetz

I have known Walter for many years. He is a kind and pleasant man, and I feel las though I am visiting a friend. Plus, he has accomplished the impossible-he has converted my husband into a reaular co-shopper at Marin Estate Liquidators' estate sales. Why? Lot of bargains-great clean merchandise displays-reasonable prices and helpful, friendly staff! What more can one ask for?

Walter, you're the BEST!

Agnes and Stef Aquilino

This is to certify that I have known Mr. Walter J. Greer for over 15 years and have become well acquainted with his unfailing honesty, courtesy, and professionalism. I admire the way he comports himself at all times and will continue to do business with him in the future. I have the highest regard and esteem for Mr. Walter Greer.

Judith Buder Bel Marin Keys, Novato, California

I have known Walter Greer for the better part of 10 years, and have always found him to be very professional, fair minded, and above reproach in his business dealings. There is no hesitation in my stating he is a stalwart individual.

Sincerely, Marian McShane Novato, California

Mr. and Mrs. McEachern
San Rafael, California

Both my husband and I have been attending Walter's estate sales for a number of years. We find him to be very honest and willing to take care of any problems that come up. He is knowledgeable about what he has for sale and is quite willing to spend time answering questions you have.

Bob and Marcia

My name is Bruce Thompson. During the summer of 2003 my mother Audrey passed away.

I needed to have an estate sale to clean out her house to sell it to settle her estate and pay off her outstanding bills.

I hired Walter Greer and his "Marin Estate Liquidators." It turned out to be one of the hottest weekends of that summer. Walter and his crew were outstanding and handled the sale very professionally with lots of compassion. The sale turned out to be successful as he has a very devoted group of buyers attending all of his sales. We have become friends and still look forward to attending his sales.

I have before and will continue to recommend Walter to anyone who is considering having an estate sale. He is The Best.

Bruce Wayne Thompson. Petaluma, Ca